30 days of happiness: Tree huggin!

I've been eyeing a little wild spot down near the library. Each week when I take Sebastian for storytime I think it will be the day to explore. Then again, we are usually hurrying to make it to storytime on time and hurrying home to nap afterward. I'm so done with hurrying; you know, unless there is an emergency or I have a time commitment. Yesterday was different. After we gathered our load of cd's, books & videos we decided to take a peek at what was happening behind the library. Alas, a truly sweet little haven! Little trails lined one side of the creek. I am so curious to see where they lead. I'll clue you in next week. I think that further exploration calls for a baby carrier and a picnic lunch.

You see, Sebastian was in his stroller (which was loaded with library goodies) and the wild spot is down a hill at the bottom of some stairs. Sebastian didn't mind waiting for Mama, though. He really digs his stroller.

And Mama? Well, Mama just *loves* little bits of the wild & natural. Can't get enough of that tree huggin'. :)

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  1. I like the last picture! You seem very peaceful and one with the tree.