30 days of happiness: Finding joy while down.

This is one of those weekends that was all planned out. Saturday was a 3 hour teachers training for the Unitarian church. Saturday night was meeting up with some new women for a Goddess pampering night. Sunday was cleaning up to prepare for the week + family dinner night. Monday was State Fair day! I made it to the teachers training, but felt a little off at the end of it. By the time I got home, the sore throat had appeared. I waited out the rest of the day thinking it was nothing. About an hour before I was to leave for Goddess pampering, I had to give in and cancel. So disappointed! No cleaning happened Sunday, but I made it through a steak/asparagus/potato/key lime pie/blackberry cabernet sorbet dinner... I ate little, but could not miss out on such yumminess. & then there was the hope hope hoping that I'd be all better for the fair (It's family discount day). Oh boo hoo... postponed. This isn't a boo hoo post, though. It's about the joy I have found in the midst of the downtime.

-Knowing that I can trust myself to stop when I need to. Hooray for self care!

-Mid day & all day naps!

-Extra cuddles with the little one. :)

-Watching many many movies (with no guilt).

-Introducing Sebastian to the wonders of fort building (pix to follow).

-Being totally okay with the house being messy-ish & finding peace is knowing that I will get to the clean up in due time.

-Unlimited cups of tea.

Here's wishing you and yours health and self care... and fort building & movies & naps & tea (or whatever makes you happy).

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