30 days of happiness: Date day with Sebastian!

I woke up today with an incredible urge to be outside. Ben had chicken coop painting plans, so he pretty much wanted to stick around the house. I couldn't convince him to postpone his plans... so I declared it Sebastian and Mama date day. The kiddo's hair was beginning to get a bit moppish, so our first stop was the salon.

Yes, I took him to Great Clips. I entertained the idea of taking him to one of the kid themed studios, but when I read that they basically lull them with movies and send 'em home with lollipops afterward... Great Clips sounded awesome. The woman was great with him! He sat on the little booster, he "combed" his hair while she cut it, we were only there about 20 minutes *&* our out of pocket was a mere 11$. Totally worth it; especially when I think about the potential outcomes of me attempting to cut it myself. Surely there would have been lots of toddler wrestling & tears.

A trip to the zoo was more than called for. Sebastian has recently been fascinated with all things monkey, so we had to begin and end our visit in the primate area.

He also really likes the elephants. One of the elephants had a baby last month that will be visible to the public in 2 days. I foresee another zoo trip in our near future.

Of course, Sebastian's most favorite part of anything we do is the eating part (Where could he possibly get that from?). He munched down most of his own corn dog. I had a delightful time watching him "dip" and "bite" (and drop ketchup & mustard all down his shirt).

...and then a small boy walked by with an ice cream cone. Suddenly there was a chant spouting from my toddler, "ice cweam, ice cweam, ice cweam". I couldn't resist. I mean, what's a date without dessert?

His shirt suffered the most, but the smiles made it completely worth it. The only other thing he loved even more than the food was the carousel ride. Naturally, he rode on the monkey. The best part is, I think I had at least as much fun as he did. Date day rocks.


  1. Sounds like fun!

    When we were visiting I showed him this video (so sorry!) on my iphone and sang along altering the lyrics to include more monkeys.

    I just realized yesterday that might have been why he kept pointing at my phone and saying monkey :)

    Yay for little monkeys.


  2. Ooooh cool! Thanks for letting me know... I wondered why he was suddenly so interested in monkeys hahaha.