30 days of happiness: Naked worm riding!

Okay, well that just sounds interesting. We scored a Radio Flyer ride on inchworm at Kid to Kid for $25 bux; a great deal considering that they retail for $50 - 60. Sebastian is completely in love with it. The last two days have been spent on the worm. He eats his snacks on it, he brings his other toys over to it and plays on it, he... well, you get the picture. Hooray for used toys in great condition!

Oh, and yes... he is pants-free. I just can't seem to keep the bottoms on him. He is asking to use the potty about 3 times a day, so we are getting somewhere. I am not pushing it as I know it is a bit early; just following his lead. I am so loving the laid back feel we have around this potty training stuff. He still is not comfortable with the idea of pooing in the potty, but wanting to pee in the potty is a huge accomplishment. I.LOVE.THIS.KID.

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