30 days of happiness: The little things.

Today was one of those days where nothing incredibly extraordinary happened, but many tiny things piled up into a little mountain of happiness.

-I got out of the house alone for 3 whole hours!

-Met a new friend over coffee/tea & had so much fun chatting that the 3 hours flew by.

-Realized how sweet & sensitive Sebastian is: he cried during a movie he wasn't even watching when 2 ladies began to sing about how they missed their mama who had passed on years ago. "Mama! Noooooooo... Oh, mama." Poor little guy even had the lip quivering.

-Smoothly got Bas down for a nap & woke him up with a shared popsicle. Big BIG smiles.

-Spent time chasing him around the yard and playing in the pool.

-Picked cherry tomatoes from our garden & the neighbor's wild patch. Made a delicious tomato/cuke/garlic/olive salad to go with leftover cold veggie soup.

-Took a walk as a family at sunset. Man, I love those walks.

-Played in the bath with Bas & then nursed him to sleep with ease. I'm going to miss nursing him when he is done (whenever that is)... the cuddling and closeness is so exquisite. I know that we can still cuddle and be close when he is no longer nursing, but I am savoring every moment of it now.

-Cleaned the kitchen with Benjamin! Working as a team goes so much faster... + there is that whole flow that comes about that feels sort of like a dance.

Looking forward to waking up to a clean kitchen & possibly baking a batch of peach muffins before heading to library for story time. Another good day down. Another good day to come (with many more to follow).

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