30 days of happiness: Balanced Chakras!

Friends are back in town for a couple of days on their way back to California from Colorado. Amelia's birthday was in June & I wasn't sure about what to get her. Ben suggested a massage for the 2 of us. Ben is my hero! Amelia and I enjoyed a fabulously relaxing 1 hour swedish massage and topped it off with a half hour long laying-on-of-stones chakra balancing. The sweetest part: It was Amelia's first massage! We are blissed out. We went out to dinner afterward with our hubs and Sebastian. Garlic naan, Onion kulchi, pakoras, ghee'd rice w/peas, divine spices, chai, saag, & more... So very yummy. It's days like this that make me marvel at the abundance in my life; friends, family, good times. I am *incredibly* thankful.

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  1. I'm into Yoga meditation and know of Chakras but I never had them balanced! Sounds great. I am working on meditation jewelry and might do Chakra stuff when I learn more about it. Thanks for the inspiration in your blog!