30 days of happiness: Cooking in a magic kitchen.

Yesterday I awoke to rainbows in the kitchen. That can mean only one thing: the kitchen fairies seek treats! We had story time at the library at 10am and visitors coming to the house at 11, so I had some doubts about getting us all ready *&* finding time to bake. Who can ignore requests from fairies, though? I certainly cannot.

I whipped up some quick lemon-ginger muffin batter, got 'em in the oven & set about in whirlwind fashion to dress and preen myself and Sebastian.

When we were groomed and ready, I pulled these sweeties out of the oven all golden and cute. We slathered on some butter, I slathered on some honey & *POOF* a few of them disappeared instantly. Not only are the fairies satisfied, but the other bellies in the house seem to be emanating a happy little glow.

If you had told me a few weeks ago that I would be spending loads of time in the kitchen making scrumptious treats, I would probably have said something like, "That's Ben's job!". You see, I have had this block about wanting to cook because my husband is so amazing at it. I'm coming to realize that his excellence doesn't diminish mine in any way. Plus, he is greatly appreciative of having a break from cooking now and then. Strangely, too, I am finding that a few pounds are dropping off of my frame here and there. Who knew that more baking would = less pounds? I'm having loads of fun, so I guess it is a WIN-WIN sitch all around.

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