30 days of happiness: The coop has risen!

It's done! Yep, except for a handful of mini details, the coop is complete & inhabited. Benjamin has been working his tail off the last few weeks. I definitely think that the wait was worth it. I had no idea just how fantastically handy my guy is. I mean, I knew that he could fix things... but build them? This opens up worlds of possibility. Methinks that the honey-do list is going to get a lot more complex.

Benjamin chose the jungle green to blend in with our wild garden foliage. It's a bit hard to tell, but the trim matches the sky on a clear day.

Today was moving day for the chicas. Two of them got a little crazy and flew around the coop a bit. Besides that, they settled right in. Looks like we will be trimming wings in the next few days.

In case you were wondering: 5 chicks in all. We are rubbing our hands in anticipation of the 5 eggs a day to come.

Not that the chickens care, but we are having a little trouble naming them. I'm firm on the white one being Clementine. I'll probably nickname her Darlin'. Ben wants to call the black one Knight Rider. Leave it to the boyfolk to come up with the weird names. It is almost certain that Knight Rider will be shortened to Kit. We've got to have a Mabel or Matilda or something. I'll keep you posted. Any suggestions?

Not 5 minutes after getting those girls into their new space did Miss pretending-to-sleep show up. That's my little stalker girl. If anything goes wonky coopside, I will know who to go questioning first.

It is so good to witness Ben's satisfaction at having completed a looming goal. I can't wait to see & share what he dreams up next.

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