30 days of happiness: Living a joyful life.

It has been a lovely journey tagging along on the 30 days of happiness train with Erin fromBluebirdbaby. It was just the motivation I needed to seek out the joy and abundance that surrounds me. I confess, too, that part of me is sad to see it all come to a close. Of course the happiness will continue and is sure to shine through in the posts to come... but it was inspiring to be a part of something so simple and sweet and (dare I say?) communal. It has been fun to light upon beautiful blogs that were last month unknown to me; bloggers who also joined in on the 30 days posting. Most of all, it has been refreshing to realize that I spent the better part of a month focusing on the beauty of life and not much thinking about the fears, worries, state of the economy, or any of the nasties that can drag one down. So thank you very much, Erin, for lighting the way... & thanks to all of you who dare to reveal little snippets of your daily life; little snippets that stoke tiny fires of creativity in our hearts spurring many of us onward into peaceful action. You all rock!

And so I leave you all with some tiny snippets of my own... glimpses of my life today: food in the garden, tons of play in the yard, cool weather, togetherness, growth (chickens & Sebastian) & the turning of the foliage as a reminder that we are always cycling. May the joy, love, abundance & light of this little corner of the world be radiate forth.


  1. beautiful! i fell behind on my posts but did pretty well considering i have a two month old and a four year old!

  2. Wow! Congrats, MamaAngel, on your newly expanded family. You did great, btw. It's hard to make time to post with just one babe. I can't imagine trying to make it everyday with 2 - especially with one newbie. I love your blog. <3