30 days of happiness: Hail & welcome, Autumn!

Autumn came and went without a proper celebration... We can't have that now, can we? Sunday nights are our family meal night, meaning that the father-in-law (Dud) joins us at the table for dinner and wine. It seemed fitting to theme this night to fit with the emerging of a new season. So here it is: While Bas and I were at UU church this morning, Benjamin harvested tomatoes. He harvested potatoes, too... but that is for another post. Here is the first tomato... Have you ever seen one so large? I know that it is 2 fused together, but still...

Seriously, what are we going to do with such tomatoes? Soup is a good start; cream of tomato-parmesan soup to be exact. But then there are so many more tomatoes to take into account. Take this bucket-full for example (& there are more on the vines!!!):

Chopped & prepped for dinner:

Dinner! Said soup, french bread, simple salad:

+ wine:

+Creamy Pumpkin Rice Pudding (from the current issue of Better Homes & Gardens):

Ummmm.... yeah. Perfect family Autumn celebration meal? Yes. All bellies are happy tonight. ;) The real detox beings tomorrow.

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  1. a lovely and cozy meal indeed!
    those tomatoes look incredible!