30 days of happiness: When women gather...

Magic happens. I know, I know... I posted here today already, but when happiness comes in droves how can it be ignored? I finally worked up the courage to get myself to the Women's Full Moon Dance tonight. It was *so* time. We came together with a greeting from each lady, we danced our hearts out and our bodies new, we sweated, we howled, we laughed, we spoke about what came up for us & we shared food. This is the kind of community I have been looking for: wild, lovely, real, truth-living, women who aren't afraid of their Goddess selves. Through this meeting I found out about a weekly 5 Rhythms dance class & was invited to a Goddessy pampering gathering next weekend. See? What was I afraid of again? Silly me. I can't wait until the moon swells again!

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