30 days of happiness: Heather Feather & Tanith!!!

My friend Heather is here!!! She brought her daughter, too!!! Okay, I am excited. I've been worried about having to drive to the airport by myself for months. Funny thing... Today was the day and I didn't even think about it; just got in the car and made it happen. I'm thinking that the driving anxiety that resulted from postpartum fallout is on its way out. Hooray! Anyway, they are here. We are relaxing and enjoying. There are possible trips to the zoo, up the canyon, Oktoberfest, and more planned. We are keeping our options open, though. We get them for 4 whole days, so the possibilities are multiple. Heather is my good friend from way back when... This is the first time we have been able to spend with each other in 15 years. It is so sweet to have this time together and to watch our little ones playing with one another. We're floating on clouds over here. Expect pix of our shenanigans in the next few days.

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