30 days of happiness: Big fat triple berry muffins!

Friends from California needing nourishment before their trip back home spurred me to bake up these delicious muffins this morning. For some reason I always think I need an excuse to make muffins.

I think my excuse henceforth will be to see my little guy gobble them up with gusto. Witness the quick death of a muffin:

Never have I seen a muffin disappear so quickly. He ate 2 of them *&* asked for more. I don't know if there is a bottom to that kid's little tummy. I often wonder.

Our friends made it onto the road just a few minutes ago with full bellies. We had such a fun time together; good enough to tide us over until we see them again. We miss you 2 already!

Believe it or not, the muffins in the picture above are only half of what I made. They are the half that get to accompany me as treats tonight to the Women's Full Moon Dance. I'm ready for some wild expression. Some passionate dancing. A little bit of freeing up sounds so scrumptiously necessary. Hooray for good friends, making new connections, delicious treats & even more full moon celebration!

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