30 days of happiness: Moving through fear!

Moving to a new place can be simultaneously exciting and scary. For me, Salt Lake City has brought both on in the extreme. I LOVE it here, and I know you are probably sick of hearing that. I also adore being the quintessential homebody Cancerian and sticking to home base. The day seriously flies by and sometimes all I have done is keep up with the babe, garden a bit, tidy a room & make a meal or so. Okay, well... that really is a lot when one is putting so much intention into every act. What I am trying to get at is that I have been here since the beginning of March and I am just now *really* getting out and exploring what this city has to offer. I have let 5 whole full moons pass without making it to the Women's Full Moon Dance gathering that I inquired about. I decide I will go and when the day comes I find an excuse not to go (it's too far, what if I get lost?, I'm too tired, and yes... really... I even go through the whole 'what if they don't like me/I won't fit in thing'. Preposterous. So, my current commitment is to get out and discover something new everyday; even if that means taking my daily walk through a new neighborhood.

On Sunday, I made it to the Unitarian church for the first service of the season. I loved sitting in the simple chapel, the lighting of the chalice and the genuine sense of community I felt while there. I even signed Sebastian up for their Religious Education program (the toy room rocks!), so now I even have some motivation to go every week. It is all rather progressive and the congregation comes from many backgrounds... so this pagan mama is feeling welcomed and inspired to have found a group of people that she just might gel with. Being so earthly inclined means that I will still need to seek out very openly magical groups (especially of women) to blossom and celebrate with. I am very much planning to finally attend that Women's Full Moon Dance this Saturday, so feel free to give me a little inspirational shove in the comments to keep me on track. ;)

My commitment led me today to the local organic produce and specialty market Liberty Heights Fresh.

OH MY GODDESS, I can't believe I didn't find this place sooner. Back in Davis, my husband and I were both members and employees of Davis Food Co-op; a truly beautiful, large, well stocked natural foods market. I was sad to see that SLC is lacking in a market with as much organic produce variety as DFC. I guess I just needed to get out and explore. Liberty Heights is smaller, but they have the variety down!

I was so excited to finally come home with some rainbow radishes, watercress & yellow + purple cauliflower. Joy Joy Joy! Hooray for small, local farm supporting corner stores!

Time and time again I find that facing my fears does nothing but open up a world of options & forces me to
C H A N G E. I am so looking forward to the many discoveries to come.

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