Happy Lammas!

Lammas is all about giving thanks for the bonanza of the coming harvest. In California, we celebrated the first fruits (usually grapes)... but this year is different. Our first harvest happens to be Potatoes! The hubs and I dug up about a third of the potatoes from the garden, and let me tell you: those little buggers are delicious mashed up with a bit of butter, yogurt, salt & pepper. Yeeeee-um.

Here's a little bit of the harvesting we are looking forward to: About a third of our tomato plants...

About a third of the corn! Yellow and green zucchini! Sebastian is all ready for cooking up a stirfry with his tiny pan. So serious.

And here is Farmer Ben bringing himself down to the little one's level.

It looks as though we are snapping photos and harvesting in thirds. I can't wait to share more photos of the fruits of our labor; fresh picked *&* prepared. BTW! Chickens have been ordered! 5 new chickies will be on their way to us in about 3 weeks!

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