Wherein I become one of *those* mamas.

Sebastian was the proud recipient of a couple newbies this week. We took a walk out to the mail box together & he was super excited to have a package addressed to him. I helped him open it to reveal an awesome crocheted sweater made by Grandma Myrna. Sebastian's first response? "ON. ON. Help!". So, on it went... and he then proceeded to push around his new outdoor noisy toy while wearing the sweater for an hour. He'd stop every few feet, point at the sweater and tell me, "Grandma. Grandma, sweater! Oh, yeah!". Needless to say: He loves it. Thanks, Grandma Myrna! :)

The Popper toy? Well, we went in search of the popper + ride on toys and decided to check out Toys R Us just for kicks. Ben and I picked up the popper no sweat and proceeded to spend about 40 minutes discussing the pros and cons of each ride on toy. While we were thinking that a little tricycle with training wheels might be a great idea, Sebastian fell in love with the noisiest, brightest item he could find: a bright yellow toddler school bus with lots of buttons that made lots of noises. When it was time to move on, Sebastian screamed his head off. He was so not going to leave the school bus. That's when I became one of *those* parents. You know the ones. The ones that the store employees want to strangle because they hand their kid anything that might keep them from screaming... something like the popper. Instant hit with Bas. Lots of dirty looks from employees. Bwahahaha! I have done my evil deed for the month. But really, I am thinking it better to have him happy and playing and only a bit annoying than screaming and distressed and incredibly distracting. As a side note: I generally steer clear of the plastic junk toys, but this one is a classic. I had one. Ben wished he had one... Sebastian is thrilled.

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  1. I totally had a popper toy when I was a kid; best colorful noisy thing ever!