Silver Lake.

Remember those photos of Ben with the fancy man tools? He has been super busy digging post holes for a fence! With some help from Dud, Ben was able to get this fence up relatively quickly. We are now half way to having an enclosed backyard for Sebastian to play in (Or more accurately, for Sebastian to be safely nearby while we work in the garden).

Being that the day was so lovely & Ben could use a break, we decided to take a drive up the canyon for a bit of nature. There is a sweet little lake up Big Cottonwood Canyon called Silver Lake. Lots of fish jumping, people fishing from shore or rafts, hikers galore. A very sweet little place to explore, indeed. We stuck to the trails around the lake this time and let Sebastian run the whole time. He insured that we got in quite a bit of running, as well.

Sebastian got Daddy to carry him part way, after much rock climbing and chasing...

His pants kept falling off & he would not sit still for mama to adjust them.

After all of that, the kid had the nerve to sit on a rock and rest. It's tiring work keeping the parents on their toes.

So tiring, in fact, that he lay down on the pathway and pretended to go down for a nap. The passersby thought this was particularly hilarious.

Another fun day exploring... and only a half hour from our house. Next time we are bringing the day hike baby carrier. That way, I'm thinking, we will get in some real hiking (and less toddler chasing).

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