30 days of happiness: An hour of peace.

You know that moment when you realize that you have some time to yourself? The one that sneaks up on you like a magical gift from the universe? The kind when the hubs is out working on a project of his own that requires his full attention. The moment when the kitchen is gleaming & freshly cleaned...

The little one is snuggled up for a nap with his favorite dolly...

...& you find yourself faced with a comfy chair near a sunny window that is just itching to be relaxed in.

Surely it is some sort of sin to let a moment like that slip by... So I made myself a cup of jasmine pearl tea with honey, a little bowl of red & green grapes, a couple squares of blueberry dark chocolate & seized an hour of the day to get lost in my current reading adventure. It really is all about the little things. I am so grateful for these moments to myself.

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  1. beautiful photos, it looks like a sunny peaceful day at your house! : )