Saturday morn, Oh how I love thee.

Don't let Ben fool you... I do cook on occasion. The trick is to get him to distract the kid long enough for me to be able to whip something up. Considering I married a dude who is an incredible cook, I don't have much incentive to do the cooking... He feeds us well.

Okay, okay... I suppose that face is incentive enough. That is the look of pure joy at having been served for once. It will only get better when the eggs come from our own chickens. The zukes are straight from the garden and the berries are sugared like my grandma used to make. Berries on vanilla cinnamon french toast, even! Top it off with a little brewed-at-home latte and you have one happy husband.

Benjamin, you deserve a little home cooked lovin' now and then... I'm making it my mission to show you the foodie love on a regular basis.

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