The 3 day old chicks will be arrive any day now!!! Because they will need lots of checking in on in the next few weeks, we decided today would be a great day for a much needed adventure... so we grabbed some coffee at the local cafe and hit the road!

Ahhhh sweet freedom! We had a lovely drive up North.

Sebastian decided that he could trade in the view for a few winks of beauty sleep. He was ecstatic to find himself at our destination, however. "POOL!" Mama was *just* as giddy to be in her element; maybe more.

On the way home, we decided our day could use some more adventuring. We detoured on over to Antelope Island (an island on the Great Salt Lake with a little access causeway). Heavenly views! Here is a glimpse of the terrain surrounding one of the islands beaches.

Bison were roaming and grazing both alone and in packs. We did see Antelope, but I couldn't get one to look at me long enough to tell what it is in a photo.

It's a bit hard to see (easier if you click on the pic to see it enlarged) but the cluster of buildings on the left is downtown Salt Lake City.

Ben and I both go a little crazy stopping to view the rocks. Such amazing color!

Reflections abound!

On the way out, I captured this completely accidental & fortunate shot of the birds flying over the lake.

We finished this perfect day off with a dinner up the canyon along the creek. Cobb salad & good beer. This has become a tradition for us, this finishing off a day at the hot springs with a cobb salad and beer (Well, Sebastian had home made mac & cheese and fruit salad. His tradition will be to eat age appropriate deliciousness after hot springing.). It was no day at Harbin or Sierra, but it was charming in its own sort of Utah way. My only complaint? I had to wear a bathing suit because Utah forbids public nudity of any sort. Honestly, that isn't much of a complaint. Who wants to come up and have a hot spring day with us?

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