30 days of happiness: Eating local!

A couple of weeks ago my little family set out to visit the local farmers market. We don't get up so early, so the day was most likely approaching early afternoon before we made it out of the house. Needless to say, by the time we arrived there was no parking and people everywhere. We decided it best to ditch the idea and come back another day; much earlier. Fast forward to today. We had all intentions of getting out early to finally make our way around the market. By the time we were up, ready & had visited the local coffee shop it was 11am. HA! so much for good intentions. This time, however, we braved our way to the market and actually found parking after circling the park only 5 times. All I can say is: I am SO glad we followed through. Market was awesome! Salt Lake's downtown Saturday market in Pioneer Park is part produce part craft fair. It is gargantuan compared to the little market we frequented in California... *&* it happens EVERY Saturday from June to October. Here is a look from afar at about an 1/8th of the booths:

So many local goodies that I could barely contain myself.

...& this is what we came home with: local wildflower honey (to sweeten our spirits & keep the allergies at bay), green beans, summer squash, cucumbers, fresh raspberries, Bauernbrot (light rye bread from the local German bakery) & a wildcrafted desert sage & lavender wand. Oh yes, my heart is singing.

Naturally, dinner was mainly a mix of veg from the market and our garden. A little stirfry (onions, ginger, garlic, parsnips, broccoli, kale, chard, yellow squash & green zucchini), steamed market green beans & homegrown dragon beans, basmati rice & my own hummus recipe spread over the Bauernbrot. We topped it off with a Pinot Grigio (which we ended up floating the raspberries in) & a couple of squares of blueberry dark chocolate. Oh, + Paco Pena's lovely tunes & some flowers from the yard!

Looks like we will become regulars at the local market once again. ;)

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