calming, cetering, changing.

We've got signs of Autumn & change raging in and out of our house this week. The nature table had a seasonal refresh, Benjamin built a fantastic plant stand out of scrap wood (in about an hour!) so that we could bring the plants in until Spring, the front porch has been made appropriately festive (the corn stalks are from our garden... the hay bales will be used to winterize the garden) & even dear Shiva the snake is preparing to shed.

The nature table/family altar is ripe with symbolism. Acorns for potential growth, winter squash for bounty and harvest, one of Shiva's previous sheddings for change & release. The Buddha is pretty much a staple year round reminding us to go within and to dance through the world from a place of calm strength. This tiny nook serves as a constantly cycling visual reminder of the changes to come within and without.

We're fully in the mood for Celebrating this season. Though more snow did flurry through here yesterday, Winter is just going to have to wait its turn.

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  1. this is amazing. what a beautiful nook, a place to come to re-remember and center and celebrate.

    much love