Autumn sleep takes over.

So, you know how there just isn't enough time in a day...? I can't remember ever really feeling any truth to that saying; until now. We have been filling our days with tiny bits of house cleaning, trips to the park, long walks, soup making & general family time. It is blissful to be spending much of the season's last sunshiny days outside and to just enjoy being together. On the other side of the day, however, I find myself falling asleep while nursing Sebastian to sleep. It would be one thing if he just went to sleep, but he has taken to singing and playing and talking to me for about an hour each night. I love it and cherish the time with him so much. I also miss my mama time. Usually I get some time to myself or with Ben after the kiddo snoozes... but I keep passing out and waking up around midnight. Woohoo. Just in time to brush teeth and hop into my own bed. I guess my body needs the extra sleep these days. I'm blaming it on the season change. The whole point is: I have a camera full of pictures to update this space with and little time to actually post. It's not that I don't want to share what is happening... It's just that I'm too busy living (and catching zzz's) to get them up. I am determined to reclaim my evenings. As I succeed, you will be graced with little visual snippets of our full days.

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