Flannel sheets & hot cocoa.

SNOW!!! Our little house is cozy on the inside and blanketed in beauty on the outside. Delicious. This is the first serious snow of the season. The first snow that calls you to get out and jump around; to sit and gaze away the day at the largest window in the house. Our little family woke up yesterday and celebrated with peanut butter pancakes and homemade soy lattes. A very good day, indeed.

Though the roses are suffering accelerated deaths, I find myself joyful beyond measure. So beautiful!
The changing of the seasons blisses me out. I'll admit that I hope Fall lingers a bit more... but I am content to take what comes our way and make the best of it. Soakin' up the magic:
Freeing the inner child!
Even Miss Shasta was intrigued. She spent much of the day staring out the window and trying to figure out how to catch those annoyingly elusive snowflakes.
Two things are for sure. There were an abundance of smiles filling up our morning & we brought the potted plants indoors just in time (the day before!). Today it seems we are reverting back to the splendorous view of leaves falling, pumpkins on porches and grey skies. Methinks Mama Nature is just fooling with us, though. I predict more snow to come before season's end.

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