Autumn Cleanse: the beginning.

I can already see the outcome of too much-ness in my future. If the season change keeps inspiring me to bake (and eat) sugary treats, my middle & mood will suffer. So, I figure beginning the season with a cleanse might just clean me out *&* put me on track. For the next short while (3 to 10 days) you will find a food journal and various detox recipes here if you check in. I will surely do my best to sneak some non-foodie posts in, as well. I'm looking to lose those last 10 baby weight pounds (and another 30ish beyond that) and this is the first step. Thanks for bearing witness.

I have found over the years that a good cleanse means eating light, eating whole foods & keeping hydrated. I am opting to throw out rigid plans this time around and go with how I feel. The commitment is to do a fruit smoothie (no milks or juices) each morning, a broth, a simple salad, herbal tea, lots of water + daily vitamins (I take prenatals, B-12, Omegas, vita C & Green Vibrance daily). Some might wonder: why the vitamins while cleansing? I'm still nursing. My body needs to keep up supply and have plenty of nourishment for both self and baby. The big cleanse will come when the nursing stops, but I think that is still in the distant future.

Today looked like this:

-A.M. fruit smoothie (concord grapes fresh off our vines blended with water & a few ice cubes).
-3 Cups Autumn Rejuvenation Ration* (enjoyed 1 cup at a time throughout the day).
-3 Cups Tazo CALM herbal tea (Chamomile, mint, rose; etc.).
-1 shiny delicious gala apple.
-P.M. small salad (mixed greens, cucumber, tomato from garden, asparagus, kidney beans, olive oil & a touch of balsamic vinegar).
-Green Vibrance (1 scoop in water).
-Vitamins (listed above).
-about 70 oz. water.
-25 minute brisk walk.

*Autumn Rejuvenation Ration recipe to follow in next post.

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