The mysterious production of juice.

It's time for the grape harvest!!! We have been enjoying our many varieties of grapes in morning smoothies. As grape season is coming to a close and they are beginning to turn to raisins on the vine, Benjamin proposed a home made juice canning project. Here is just a small portion of the grapes we will/have juice(d). Ignore those silly zucchini... they are the last of the season and always eager to work themselves into any photo op.

We began with many boxes of grapes that looked something like this:

Then it was bath time!

Next, beautiful jars were cleansed & prepared...

just in time for the lovely juice to come:

Hooray! We are now the happy owners of many jars of home made grape juice. Not sure of all varieties used, but concord is the dominant flavor.

This naturally sweet (no sugar added) juice is ready for consumption, to be transformed into jelly... the possibilities are endless. Ben spent a good day and a half in the kitchen pumping out batch after batch. I helped in between caring for and occupying Sebastian. All in all, we ended up with 20 quarts (or 5 gallons). The crazy thing is: there are still loads of grapes on the vines! We are love love loving this harvest.


  1. looks delicious. Are these grapes growing on your property?

  2. Yes! These grapes are ancient, planted by my husband's grandparents over 35 years ago. We are loving every sweet taste. :)