Autumn Cleanse: Day 4!

I am feeling a little weird about displaying my eating habits for all to see. Honestly, I think my feelings are orbiting more around the guilt-o-sphere at clogging up the blog with such boring fodder. In my defense... It helps keep me on track knowing that someone might really read this and hold me to it. So, again with the thanks.

The nosh of the day:

-1 banana.
-10 almonds.
-8 green olives.
-salad: mixed greens, cherry toms, cucumber, garbanzos, 1 tsp. mild salsa, a splash of olive oil & balsamic.
-whole juice (concord grapes, 1 apple, ice & water). These daily salads are only about a Cup & 1/2 total.
-2 tsp. almond butter.
-2 Cups soup (chicken broth, carrots, onions, celery, peas, corn, olive oil).
-2 Cups popcorn (in corn oil - no butter).
-lots of water.
-green vibrance.
-50 minute brisk walk.

Yep, I decided it was time for some popcorn. We had movie night at home... It was sort of required. The other craving that is making itself all too known is the peppermint hot mocha. I don't drink enough coffee to miss not drinking it, and when I do it is decaf... but it is that time of year when I enjoy a delicious holiday themed latte. So far water is getting me through. Maybe a good peppermint tea will fill that void. I am thankful for more energy and all around calm. Hooray for lightening up!

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