Autumn Cleanse: Day 3!

Low-key, laid back day. Began with a nice family walk and some time at the park to appease the kiddo. Ended the day with a whole lot of lazing around.

Foods of the day:
-whole grape juice (yellow-green grapes from our vines, water + ice).
-1/2 Cup Veg juice (like V-8).
-2 Cups herbal tea.
-lots of water!
-salad (mixed greens, cucumber, asparagus, cherry toms, garbanzos & a hint of olive oil/basalmic).
-1 Cup Autumn Rejuvenation Ration.
-1 gala apple w/1 TBSP almond butter.
-2.5 Cups home made veggie-chicken soup (chicken, broth, onion, carrots, peas, celery, corn, olive oil).
-Green Vibrance.
-1 hour walk (30 minutes brisk).

Okay, yes to chicken. Strange... I don't usually eat much meat. I realized today why the meat crave is kicking in (aside from the obvious lack of grains and limited sugars). It's that sneaky moon time... you know, aunt flo and all that. Alrighty, T.M.I. moving right along.Once every month I get an insane urge to eat meat. It's usually the only time I *really* want some red meat. Not so this time. Looks like chicken and fish will suffice.

Still feeling good and a lot less hungry today. Thank you, protein! Oh yes, and there was an insane energy burst mid day. Bas napped. I cleaned the kitchen, baked mama milk muffins (recipe to follow - I resisted eating them! Made a batch for Bas and stuck 'em in the freezer to thaw out as needed), cooked up some carrots for Bas and I to snack on over the next few days & began the soup. Settled down to eat the apple and almond butter when the energy overload began; shaking, spinning and motor mouth are side effects. Once again, protein brought me back to earth.

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