Autumn Cleanse: Day 5!

A beautiful day spent with the fam: Decorating the sidewalk with chalk as requested by Sebastian. Tripping on over to the park for some playground fun (Guess whose idea that was!). Watching the chickens. Gathering cherry tomatoes before the frost hits. Harvesting seeds for planting now & next spring. Strolling around the farmers market (2nd to last of the season!) and scoring great deals on veggie + honey. Loving this city. Enjoying every moment of glorious sunshine.

So here is day 5 in cleanse-land:

-whole juice: frozen berries (rasp, blue & marion) blended w/water & ice.
-10 almonds.
-5 dried cherries.
-salad: mixed greens, cherry toms, cucumber, garbanzos, 2 tsp. albacore tuna, 1/2 tsp. olive oil, a touch of basalmic vinegar, 1 tsp. salsa.
-2 Cups mostly veggie soup: carrot, celery, onion, chickie broth, peas, corn, olive oil.
-1 gala apple w/ 1 TBSP. peanut butter.
-2 Cups popcorn (w/ corn oil & salt - no butter).
-1 Cup herbal tea.
-Lots of water.
-Green Vibrance.
-45 minute walk (20 minutes brisk).

Confession: I don't just have *a* sweet tooth. I have a whole mouth full of them. Carbs have been a major source of comfort that I have been willing to cut back on, but sweets are something I couldn't even fathom not having every day. I'm talking like a couple of squares of chocolate after dinner or a popsicle or ice cream (every few weeks). I am generally mindful about what goes into my family and myself, so they're "quality" sweets. You, know: organic ice cream, dark organic chocolate, whole fruit & juice popsicles. Nice way to fool myself, eh? Sugar is sugar and I know I don't want to be eaten away by it... so cutting back is necessary. What better time than NOW? One of the amazing realizations that have come from this cleanse is that I don't need the sugar. I'm not craving it (other than that peppermint mocha craving... though it isn't as persistent today). The fruit that I am getting is enough to satisfy, is cleaning me out & tastes better than it did when sweets were a daily dealy. There has been weightloss! Talk about a reason to continue... No longer feeling stuck. The happy dance is just beginning.

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