Pre-Halloween festivities!

Utah is *NOT* lacking in Halloween celebrations. Just this week we made it to two parties! You will note below that it was very hard to get a picture of Bas as he was zipping around with excitement.

Bas' first mustache: cupcake style!
Too much fun! Can't sit still!
Finally! I caught him just long enough to snap one... & he wiggled like crazy until I let him go.
Yes, he has 2 costumes. I had lofty ideas of painting his face into a Day-of-the-Dead-like skeleton. Reasoning hit just in time and saved us from a big creamy mess. He was completely happy to wear the Elmo costume to the party at the Unitarian church. In one weeks time, Sebastian decided that anything touching his chin or throat is unacceptable. When we dressed him in Elmo for the Little Gym party, much screaming and complaining ensued. Lucky we had the skeleton onesie at hand. So so cute even without the makeup. Halloween might be our fave holiday... We'll let you know after Winter Solstice.

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