Packages for Sebastian!

Oh boy. There isn't much that stirs up excitement quite like getting packages in the mail; especially when you are almost 2 years old. Multiple packages score BIG points.

"ELMO, mama!" - Who could know this kid so well? Grandma Winnie (my mom). He points to the jammies and says "Gramma Weenee".

The book is Elmo, too!?!? It's zoo themed?!?! He made us read it immediately... three times. That was followed by ten minutes of him pointing out to us who was who and which animal was called what.

If the tiny smile doesn't tell you he loves his gifts, the kiss below should. That kiss is sent straight over to you, Grandma Winnie. He says "Thank you! Oh my goodness! Elmo. Cookie monster. Happy.".

Grandma Winnie happened to tell me that there are a couple other packages coming in the next few weeks. Bas is going to be silly excited when he gets mail again. How much do you want to bet he insists upon escorting mama to the mailbox every day? I'm looking forward to it.

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