Autumn Cleanse: Day 2!

Oh my goodness: Benjamin and I had a real DATE! I vaguely remember those from way back when - ya, know...
pre kiddo. I planned it all out and it actually came together! Being 2 states away from most of our friends and family (+ a lack of desire to welcome strangers into our home to care for our kid) means we don't go anywhere without Sebastian. Overall we are completely fine with that. Lately, however, we have been feeling the need to spend some together time a l o n e. Ben's dad "Dud" offered to watch Sebastian for a few hours. I was thinking that might just be too much for both of them... but I worked it out so that Bas went down for nap 20 minutes before we had to leave to make it to the movie (UP! *Such* a cute movie. Also, incredibly tear jerking). We took our cell phone just in case. When I called to check in on them after the movie, Bas was still sleeping! Yeehaw! We were afforded extra time to get some dinner up the canyon at our fave restaurant, Ruth's Diner.

You may be wondering how this post classifies as autumn cleanse material? Imagine how hard it is to resist the only food I have actually been craving... popcorn! Okay, not so hard since we don't usually eat the popcorn at the theater. So, imagine how difficult it might have been to find something on the menu at a diner that is famous for its delicious mile high biscuits, burgers, omelets; etc. The strange thing is that it wasn't so hard to resist some of my faves as it was to find something that fit in with my cleansing plan. It seems obvious to me that a cleanse would immediately rule out meat. I knew that I didn't want to consume any dairy or wheat. Since fish isn't something I get enough of, Smoked Salmon Salad saved the day. Yummy, clean and full of protein. It was so good to have some time with Ben and stick to my cleanse.

Here is the menu of the day:

-whole grape juice (concord grapes from our vines, water & ice - blended).
-2 cups herbal tea.
-lots o' water.
-1 Cup Autumn Rejuvenation Ration.
-1/2 Cup kidney beans.
-1/2 Cup Bolthouse Veg juice (similar to V-8).
-Smoked Salmon Salad (mixed greens, cucumbers, a whole tomato, smoked salmon, toasted almonds & a carrot salsa).
-1 apple.
-1 hour family walk (40 mins. brisk).

Feeling lighter. Thinking quicker. Farting less (hahaha... Ben was inputting). Seriously, feeling good enough to keep this up.

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