Autumn Cleanse: Days 6 & 7!

Day 6 fell on a Sunday. Sunday evening is our weekly family dinner with the Dud-in-law and we tend to do up a feast. There was a little part of me dreading Sunday night dinner and whatever delicious food might have been making its way to the table. Lasagna! Ugh... one of my faves. I did a whole lot of meditating around whether or not to partake. After a good self pep talk, I decided that the cleanse would continue after enjoying a little bit of the Sunday feast. I ate light all day Sunday and lost 6 pounds in 5 days. A little lasagna wasn't going to get me down. Benjamin even made a veggie version just for me. I don't think that I have ever truly enjoyed every slow bite of a meal in my life. It was more than savored. I allowed myself a couple glasses of wine. I even succumbed to a taste of chocolate (15 chocolate chips). I woke up this morning and weighed exactly what I did yesterday, so it was totally worth it. I did have a really hard time sleeping last night. Took hours to fall asleep and then I slept in until almost noon. That NEVER happens. Benjamin was sweet enough to allow me some snooze time by getting up and feeding and playing with Sebastian. It will be interesting to notice if my sleep suffers after next Sundays meal.

This is where I cease laying out all I am eating for your viewing displeasure. I don't think that I would find it very interesting to follow someone else's food intake. Plus, I am on track and have a plan. This week of typing it all out has helped me so much to get strong about my goals and to do some much needed self examination. Just know that I'm sticking to the plan & meeting my goals. As those goals are met, I will surely share my excitement. Just 4 more pounds to go until I am back at pre-pregnancy weight. YAY! If I can meet that unattainable feeling goal, the rest is a piece of cake (or maybe a handful of nuts).

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