Trick or Treat!

I had it all planned out. Jack O' lantern shaped pizza for dinner, a glass of wine each for Mama and Papa, Cupcakes as our "treat" and an eve of greeting costumed kidlets from our porch. We even gave the front porch an eerie glow and one carved pumpkin.

Sebastian was having loads of fun jumping on the sofa and helping Mama answer the door... and then he tried to escape with the crowd. We brought him back inside and he kept demanding "more kids!". We talked about why the kids were ringing our bell and taking treats before moving on to the next house. Sebastian thought about it all for a few minutes and then proclaimed, "Sebastian trick or treat! Sebastian ring bell!". So, we left Papa to tend the door and off we went with the intention of just hitting a couple houses on our block. Sebastian was having so much fun (and his smallness and precociousness was such a hit at each house) that we ended up making a loop around the block. We met some super friendly neighbors along the way who invited us over to a hot dog BBQ/hot cocoa shindig in their front yard. How could we pass that up?! Bas and I went home, fetched Papa, turned off the porch light and went over to mingle with the neighbors. It was all so very whimsical, unexpected and just plain fun. Of course, Bas scored enough candy to keep our household sweet for some time to come.

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