30 days of Gratitude: Day 4!

First heavy rain of the season (& first fire in the hearth!), rainy day cuddles with my little guy, breaking raw cleanse with popcorn (totally worth it!), confirmation that I am down 11 lbs (!!!), play time with my fat cat...

& a midnight request granted:
 "BenBen, a riverdance before bed?" 

Promptly followed by a charlie horse. Bwahaha. 

...and then more dancing, another charlie horse, more dancing, *another* charlie horse...
You get the idea.

I cherish the spontaneous spirit of my ridiculously hilarious husband. I could make a list of all the ways he makes my heart go pitter pat, and you can bet that making me laugh would be right up on top.

So grateful for my sweetheart. 

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