30 days of Gratitude: Day 3!

We've been rising earlier. Yes, the whole family! So many benefits have become obvious... How have we been sleeping away such precious time together? We hop out of bed, get the hot water going, Ben makes his coffee, I make my tea, Baz eats his fruit or yogurt and we all meet out on the back deck for a chat while we watch the sun sparkle through the tree canopy. I listen to my favorite kirtan podcast, sing along & dance around like a buffoon much to Ben's embarrasment. 

This morning we met up by the tomatoes and marveled at the abundant harvest that seems so late to us. Still getting used to Oregon cycles and how they differ from Utah and California cycles. Loving every moment. 

My entire being is shining with gratefulness for these morning moments with my sweet little family, for the sunshine which we realize is all too fleeting & for the blessing of beginning each day with such light & love

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