30 days of Gratitude: Day 5!

One of my many current meditations: 
"I hold the power to shape my child's health destiny."  

I'm taking it seriously... & thank the funny lords that I am not met with resistance. In fact, the kidlet makes pretty amazing requests for snacks & meals. For example: 

"Mama, may I have some crackers with cheese? Maybe some avocado and tomatoes? Pleeeeease?" Who could say no to that?! And for the record: total fan of both goat cheese and green tomatoes. He's nutritionally way ahead of where I was at around that age. I didn't willingly eat a tomato until I was 20 years old. He's teaching me about healthy choices just as much as I am teaching him. Honestly, he is surely teaching me more.

I raise up BIG thanks and gratitude for my healthy child & the choices that we make to ensure that his little body is growing & thriving.  

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