30 days of Gratitude: Day 14!

Well, thank goodness I'm making up my own rules about this 30 days thing. I never did specify whether or not these gratitude days would be consecutive. There is a big old heapin' pile o' schtuff on my plate currently & I am just being gentle with myself. It's not that I have nothing to be grateful for... quite the contrary, in fact.

In the spirit of keeping this thing rolling at a time when I am not quite ready to share some of what is on my plate, I've compiled a list of fab internet links themed around what I've been discovering & working through lately.

Hey you: SPARKLE!

When we shine, we bring light to the darkness.

When we pull ourselves out of drama, our own or collective, we cannot ignore the beauty in the world (Thanks to Jen for introducing me to this song!).

It's okay to be angry. Honor your experience.

Claim & own your power.

BE BRAVE & remember that you are not alone.

It begins with y o u & me.

I'm so grateful for insights and upliftment, purity & truth & you.  

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