30 days of Gratitude: day 13!

Autumn rushed in with its fair share of rain & I realized that if I didn't motivate and get those little tomato beauties off of the bush they would all pop & sacrifice themselves back to the earth to be reborn next year. Hence the glorious harvest below: 

Our sunroom has temporarily been transformed into greenhouse/ripening room. The sunflowers have been hung to dry. The beautiful cat faced orb weaver spider that lived all summer long in the largest flower was gently rehoused. The tomato cages have been stacked away in the shed until Spring. More work ahead. Plants will be yanked up tomorrow and fallen tomatoes will be worked into the ground. Zucchini & cucumber plants are done working their magic and will be evicted from the garden, as well. Cherry tomatoes will be made into a cold salad with the end of season cucumbers... and those green guys? They'll be sauce once they gain their color. Perhaps this will be the year that I finally dare to try friend green tomatoes. Oh, yes! I'm thinking fried green tomato party! We eat them while we watch the movie?

Baz is completely enamored with the sheer bounty that we manifested. He talked his stuffed monkey through the harvesting process and cautioned him to be gentle with and try his hardest not to disturb the tomatoes while they "get ready to eat". He exclaimed at one point, "Oh, mama. They are SO beautiful! I love them so much!" He even picked a favorite ("It's so lovely & fat!"):

Grateful hardly begins to cover this one. A blessed harvest, touching & being touched by nature, gifting my little guy with a childhood filled with gardening & finding my center through the process... again & again & again. 

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