30 days of Gratitude: Day 17!

Filled to the brim with gratitude & blessings for another amazing firewalk! I carpooled with friends up to the Portland area & enjoyed a day off from 'being mom'. We gathered, sang, drummed, built up energy, released, transformed & celebrated. Each person touched & gave energy to every log that made up the fire. We gave offerings of abundance to the fire. 

We all started the fire with individual matchsticks. 
We watched her begin to blaze. 

And blaze... 

And when she was raked out... we walked over her burning coals. Yep, that is me below... believe it! 

The experience of walking is always so different & dependent upon what is being given up, transformed or what energy is being received. This was my 4th firewalk... First in something like 6 years. My 22nd trip across the coals & perhaps my most powerful. 

I give gratitude for fire & her amazing energy, for her willingness to take & transform & for the beauty & community that happens around a ritual of this magnitude. Thanks & blessings for taking my fears & turning them into courage, confidence, love & vibrant joy. 

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