30 days of Gratitude - Day 16: The Next Chapter...

The biggest news in some time + numerous reasons to be grateful! We signed a fat stack of papers a few days ago... 

And magically entered into the new & curious territory of home ownership! Can I scream it loud enough? WE BOUGHT A HOUSE! WE BOUGHT A HOUSE! Literally, I'm jumping up and down.  

It looks like it ought to be an easier move this time around (I can't express enough my gratitude for not having to move again in the foreseeable future... so done with moving!). Our new home is  just 7 miles from where we are now! Loving this community. Loving putting down our roots.

So, you take a drive into the country, toward the sea & hang a left at the sweetest little church.

You cross a stream and enter into the forest. 

A little over a half mile through the forest & up the hill you'll find us: 

We arrived this morning with goodies and enjoyed a celebratory first breakfast in our new living room.

...and then we went out exploring. Baz immediately made friends with "a funny little fuzzy critter". Caterpiggle! 

We walked through the forest & checked out every inch of our land (.96 acre!). 

We conspired to get the hot tub scrubbed out & ready for action in the next few days. Can't.even.wait!

We said hello to some of our trees... 

Ben looked happier than he has in a very long time. SO happy. 

We took goofy pix in our master bathroom. 

...and generally laid claim to our space. Perfection. 

It's a fixer upper with a whole lot of quirkiness & we are excited for the challenge. We never ever thought that buying a house could go so smoothly. We made an offer just about a month ago and it was accepted immediately. I didn't know until we were driving around the neighborhood scoping the place out, but the house is about 3 blocks from a house I had my eye on way back when we lived in Davis. Somehow, I guess I just knew where we were meant to be. So here we are. We're beginning the next chapter. Turning a new leaf. Savoring the newness & the beauty of Autumn and working hard to make this move as smooth as possible. We have 20 days to move and my fantastic cousin is coming from California to help out, so it is all looking incredibly doable.

Simply overflowing with gratitude. 

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