Looking up?

Back in California, I had a pretty bad ass magical community. Honestly, it was more like several communities that overlapped. I knew it would be near impossible to find that kind of community in Utah but was so happy to find an awesome dance class & a monthly full moon women's dance/potluck (that I am now sorely missing). Newport had more promise, but, alas, it was populated mostly with retirees & vacationers. After all, it's Oregon. All of the earth friendlies live in the forest, dontchaknow? Enter Corvallis. I was betting on magical folk up in here, but it seems that most of those who do not reside in the forest are either in Eugene or Ashland. Dagnabit! Foiled again! I have been diligent in my search, though. Somehow, I just *KNEW* that magic was waiting for me somewhere nearby. Wouldn't you know... I stumbled upon a new group that is meeting about 10 blocks from my house?! Now that is my kind of manifestation magic! I met with them tonight for the first time (their 2nd!) and had a positively fantastic time. It's always so relieving to find people who share like interests and receive you as is. And so, I find myself calmer, energy elevated, hopes renewed & trusting that all really *is* as it should be. Divine plan? Thanks again. Loving you.

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