30 days of smiles: Day 14!

SUNSHINE IN OREGON! Say whaaaat? I had to take advantage of the beauty and get out for a walk, so I strapped Baz in the stroller and headed off. One of my fave routes takes me down a pathway toward Corvallis and has the most beautiful views. I am so enamored with these fields; especially on days like today. 

Natural delights are everywhere around here, often in the most unexpected places. This duck was enjoying a bath just a few feet from me in a roadside ditch.

Coming home? Just as lovely! Little pockets of forest line the trail. I can't get enough of the shadows cast by the trees. I traipsed around awhile in search of the elusive Trillium flower. No luck! I'm going to have to find my way deeper into the forest to meet that goal. Perhaps this weekend.

I just realized that what touched me most about this hour long adventure was that my sweet, little one still falls asleep in the stroller at the age of 3. Heck, I'm just happy he'll still ride in the stroller! When we came home and he woke up, Baz told me that he "very much enjoyed the walk. It's too bad it was so short." HA! Little dreamer.

Looking fondly forward to so much time outside this Spring & Summer. 

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