30 days of smiles: Day 17!

Happy Easter!

Baz awakened to the great surprise of Easter gifts & treats! That crafty bunny used a shiny new Tonka truck as a basket!

So, naturally, he dumped out the goodies and filled his truck with cars. ;) 

He then broke open his eggs to discover the treasures inside. There was some candy to be found & coins! Daddy brought out Baz's piggy bank for filling.

A mama tradition: Eat one bite of the chocolate bunny. Ears first! 

We usually limit sugar intake, so it was quite the treat to eat chocolate and peeps for breakfast (not to worry! He ate 'growing food', too).

The rest of the day looked a lot like the above two pix; lots of treats in the face. We spent some time at a gathering with new friends that we met at the local Co-op. Baz was thrilled to have kiddos his age to play with. We had a great time!

When the first sugar crash melt down hit we gathered him into the car for a short nap and a trip to our good friends' house. We enjoyed a fabulous mexican feast with some of our fave people on the planet, great conversation & a birthday celebration (Happy Birthday, Corie/Abbie/Kevin!) There was at least one more sugar spin out in there somewhere... but I guess that's part of the holiday. We had so much fun that we forgot to take more pictures (as usual! Oops!). All in all, we had a fantastic day. Hoping your day was filled with as much love, light, comfort, indulgence & as many blessings & smiles as ours! 

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