30 days of smiles: Day 11!

Day 11 was kind of an evil day. I woke up to discover that I could not roll out of bed, could not move my neck or left arm without intense pain & that I could not for the life of me stop crying. I've been eating lots and lots of veggies and green smoothies & seem to be detoxing like mad. I asked Ben to massage me the night before, to help the process along, and he was SUPER rough. And so, day 11 was spent flat on my back. In the afternoon I was feeling particularly cooped up (because, wouldn't you know: it was the first sunny day in something like 2 weeks and I was stuck inside!) and ventured outside for a few moments of fresh air. I just happened upon this sweet little dandelion growing up through a crack in the patio. 

I figured, if that little flower could find a way to grow in such a funky little spot, I surely could muster up some energy and get off my arse to clean out that closest that we are always complaining about. What a horrible idea! I mean, the closet looks great, but I overdid it and paid with more time laid up. The lesson? Listen to your body! When it tells us to stop and rest, it means business! Okay, okay... lesson learned. But did I mention how great the closet looks? ;)

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