...Another Foolish Anniversary...

For those of you who don't know, my love and I were married on April Fool's Day, in a tree, because we are all about the whimsy. That was 5 years ago. *5* years! I can still hardly believe it. Our fantastic friends offered to keep Baz for a few hours, so we hit the coast for dinner and alone time. We could have gone the fancy route, but instead went to our comfort spot and found some fancy there. We hit up Rogue on the bay. Started off with a couple of gooooood beers. Ben went for something light... I like 'em darker. Dead Guy Ale! Yum.

We then moved on to burgers. It's a rare treat for me to indulge in a burger, and I don't much eat meat in general, so I figured that we should do it right if we were going to do it at all. Insert Kobe beef burger. Oi, yummmmmm. Trust Ben's face. They were *that* good.

Those few hours were chock full of laughter, relaxation and all around fun. See:

We browsed around the bay front for awhile and Ben treated me with a fabulous giant labradorite ring. We visited our fave candy shop and rounded up some chocolatey truffles to take back for our amazing (kid watching!) friends. As we were heading out of town, Ben remarked how incredible it was that we made it all the way out to the coast and didn't even go to the beach. DOH! Total forehead slapping moment. I absolutely insisted that my toes make contact with sand. They did.

It was freezing! We ran back to the car and warmed up for our ride back to hang out with friends and pick up Baz. What a wonderful treat to get away and enjoy one another for a bit. We are so thankful. Here's to the next 5 years (and the 5 after that... and so on... and on and on and...)!

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