30 days of smiles: Day 13!

Throughout the day, on my Facebook feed, people were posting 'Happy 420!'. Well, we didn't smoke any grass... but I did have the pleasure of watching Benjamin mow some. 

It's funny. I have been the prime household mower of lawns since Ben and I have had lawns to mow. Ben has done the duty a few times over the years, but I have always liked having an outside job that was all my own. A couple of weeks ago the first tall grass of the season was just screaming to be taken care of. Our mower was out of gas and I was determined. Enter push mower. Front lawn, back & 2 side yards totaled over 2 hours of mowing! It *was* great exercise, but not the kind I prefer. I didn't mind, though. I felt accomplished and was happy to have tidy yards to surprise Ben with after his long day at work. Shame on me, apparently. Ben went into this crazy rant about how mowing the lawn is his job... he's the man, yadda yadda yadda. Woah there. I couldn't believe my ears. At first I thought he was just joking with me. I think he was sort of half joking, honestly. So I gave in. I told him to have at it... but I plan to get my mowing fix in at least every so often. Sitting on the sidelines and enjoying an icy beverage suits me just as well. ;)

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