A very happy Mama's Day.

Sunday arrived with promises of lunch & a day on the town. Sunday delivered. Really I should give full credit to Benjamin. ;) We ventured out for brunch at the fabulous Red Rock Brewery located downtown. It is so fabulous that we have now been there twice in the 2 months since we moved to Salt Lake. I was treated to the Chicken Parmesan I have been craving for weeks and Ben the Cobb Salad. Sebastian was super happy to partake in both of our meals... These days he really does require his own plate. 3 full bellies & a beer each (for the adults, of course) later, we moseyed on over to Tracey Aviary in Liberty Park. 

With all fondness, I call it the bird zoo. Bird zoo is awesome; aside from the whole horrible birds-behind-bars part. Most of the birds there seemed to have injuries that would prevent them from being in the wild, anyhow, so we quickly got past our sadness. It couldn't have been a lovelier day for gandering at geese and the like. Sebastian had great fun romping around the grounds in search of "wocks" (rocks are a new fave fascination) and flowers (he sniffs and points at every flower he passes. *Every* flower.). He enjoyed the freedom of running from bird to dirt clump to whatever else caught his eye. Mainly he was ecstatic to not be in the stroller. 

After we had our fill of bird gawking, we made our way through the park and took in the possibilities for our next visit. When Sebastian is a little bigger he will enjoy riding on the carousel or the mini ferris wheel. I am looking forward to having some visitors come hang with him in the park so that Ben and I can cruise around the pond in the paddle boats. (Any volunteers?) *AND* much to my hippie loving delight: Sunday afternoons on the hill = drum circle! :) Lots of fun prospects... 

We decided that no Mother's Day outing would be official without a little taste of ice cream... So we made our way over to Baskin Robbins for 2 of the 31 flavors. Ben and I would have much preferred a visit to the local gelateria, but hey, it's Sunday in Salt Lake City: we were totally enthralled that ice cream was an option at all. It's funny to me that we are so classic in our choices. I introduced Sebastian to the wonders of mint chip & Ben chowed his rocky road like it was a tootsie pop (lick.lick.crunch.gone). When we were all done, I asked Sebastian if he was ready to go home. He reached up and said "yeah". I asked him if he was happy... He smiled the biggest grin and said "OH yeah". Another perfect ending to another beautiful day. It's going to be hard to top this years Mama's Day next time around. 

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  1. very nice day! and I see those merrels finaly fit, right? yay! SLC looks like fun city, I think we will have to come and visit you guys, refresh the boys's memory of eachother. Take care