I was chatting with Ben and Dud down in the basement a couple of evenings ago and happened around to complaining that I missed my old tiny camera (that I dropped last Thanksgiving... less than an inch from the ground and jostled into disrepair). Funny how manifestation works. Dud says, "You need a small camera? I have one I have never used. Want it?". So this is the post where I am testing out the new goods. It's an older model, but compact and exactly what I need for carrying on the go. Plus, the timing couldn't be better. I just made reservations for a train trip with Sebastian back to Sacramento/Davis to visit the family and friends! We are very excited! Plus, there is a bonus trip to Yosemite. It'll be a trip full of firsts. First chance to experience the beauty of Yosemite. First train ride for Sebastian. First big solo adventure with Sebastian for me. So.freakin'.excited. We leave on the 4th of June. Looking forward to gracing this space with fabulous photos of our impending adventure. In the meantime, enjoy some of what is growing and blossoming currently:

-: 1st peony of the season :-

-: First Rose! :-

-: Potato patch :-

-: More soil being worked :-

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