Garden blessing.

Being far from our magical family is extra hard at Beltane. I am used to welcoming springtime's fertility and increasing heat with a large group of free spirits; dancing, singing, eating divine treats & laughing merrily all the way. Of course, I couldn't let our new locale prevent us from celebrating this year. How could I? After all, we have a fabulous garden plot just aching to receive blessings as we prepare to spread seeds & transplant seedlings. 

I am sure Sebastian enjoyed eating & smelling flowers more than the maypole dance, itself... He did humor me, though. Ben lent his energy by taking photos and helping wrap the final strings around the pole. Yes, the pole is a shovel. It seemed fitting (& the perfect size for a child-centered ritual). I have to say: while I miss my magical family, I relished the intimacy of our tiny family celebrating together. Small. Short. Sweet. Perfect. 

Happy Lunar Beltane! d

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